About Patent Hawk

Founded in 2001, Patent Hawk LLC is dedicated to providing excellent patent technical services at affordable prices. Patent Hawk offers personalized service to every client. Provided results are responsive to client needs. At the same time, Patent Hawk leverages extensive experience to suggest and pursue the most cost-effective avenues.

Patent Hawk respects confidentiality. No potentially adverse statement is ever put in writing.

Patent Hawk has performed over a thousand prior art searches, and has worked numerous litigation defenses, providing technical claim construction & infringement analysis, preparing claim charts, and briefings on relevant technical issues and how those issues may play out in court.

Patent Hawk helps companies and individual inventors monetize their patents, with assistance in enforcement preparation, and enlisting a litigation firm.

Patent Hawk assists in valuating patents, including sale appraisals and generating damage assessments for patent infringement.

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About Jordan Kuhn

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Jordan Kuhn is a former USPTO examiner in the digital imaging art unit. Jordan has been invalidating patents with Patent Hawk since 2007.

Jordan is especially experienced in computer software, computer hardware, Internet technologies, networks, e-commerce, electronics, video, audio, image processing, semiconductors, mechanical devices, and consumer products.

Jordan resides in Decatur, Georgia.

Education: Northwestern University (B.S. Computer Engineering)

USPTO registration: # 62,154

About Gary Odom

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Gary Odom, aka Patent Hawk, was an economist who drove his interest in technology into a career in computers, electronics, and software development; areas he made his profession for over 20 years.

Entree into patents came in 1999, as a litigation technical consultant for a local patent law firm.

Patent Hawk became an independent consultancy in 2001. Since then, major corporations, small companies, and individual inventors have relied on the Hawk's expertise in meeting their patent needs.

The Hawk roosts in Roseburg, Oregon.