Prior art search takes more skill than commonly supposed. Hunt and peck searchers, of which the patent office is full, often miss the best bits. Patent Hawk methodically scours the databases to expose the supposed novel elements of a patent to be old hat. Patent Hawk covers the most ground for the money: patents worldwide, publications and products. Look to Patent Hawk for your best search value.


Finding a spot-on prior art reference from a pile of candidates on a tight budget requires quick reading by a quick mind. That's the reason to fly Patent Hawk. Obviousness can be even harder to spot: knowing how large the holes in prior art disclosure are, and which references combine best to bring a patent down. Patent Hawk provides a summary digest of the best prior art, saving you analysis time.


For every undeserved patent, the road to invalidity has a map. Directions to drowning a patent in the prior art are provided in a chart mapping each claim element to what was previously known. The best invalidity charts have the briefest introduction; the prior art tells the story itself. Otherwise, artfully putting prior art pieces together is a craft. Patent Hawk can construct as strong an invalidity position as can be built.